$2,000,181 COD in Black Ops

Another million, another milestone. After buying all the player card options and all the guns and attachments and camos there was nothing left to purchase. So I started piling up the money. Once I past one million I never thought I would get to two million before MW3 comes out November 8th. Once MW3 isĀ availableĀ I hardly think I will ever play Black Ops again. I don’t play all the hours on this account but I play more than half of the 41 days logged. Lifetime earnings exceed $6.82 million COD. I have no more milestones I want to accomplish on Black Ops. I may play to make a few more videos but soon it will either go into a drawer of other forgotten games or I might even sell it. I still have my MW2 and it has dust on it.

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