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Clan Wars Unfair?

If you have played in the first three clan wars then you know of the frustration of having to play game modes that suck. The architects of clan wars clearly wants to reward gamers who play masochistic game modes that

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Clan Wars Recruitment Video: Don’t be a WIMP!!!

Do you play Ghosts almost every day? Are you willing to play ANY game mode? Are you willing to sacrifice a little K/D to get the victory? Then you MUST join uLikeGames We just kicked a bunch of wimps out

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Clan Wars Gold Division 2nd Place – 144 Clan Points!

The first Clan War is in the books and the uLikeGames clan finished in 2nd place with 144 Clan Points. We finished with over 100+ more points than the 3rd place team but 60+ points behind the 1st place team

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