9th Place in FIRE MARSHAL – Highest Confirms: Core Kill Confirmed

Fire Marshal Champion BadgeI had played only about 5 games of Kill Confirmed before entering today’s Fire Marshal event. I managed to get 544 confirms in about 22 games. This gave me and average of 24.72 confirms per game with a high of 44 confirms in one game on the Resistance map. My 1.62 K/D was dramatically lower than my usual 2.15 because I was chasing the gold tags. I managed 469 kills with only 289 deaths in the event. I placed 9th out of 2,153 entrants however only 607 entrants registered a confirmed kill. That means 1,546 entrants did not even show up to play event.

This event offered no physical prize therefore the turnout was terrible and I imagine the boosters and cheaters were also not as prevalent. This winner logged 895 confirms for an average 40.68 confirms per game. This seems unrealistic considering there are only 65 confirms allowed per team in a game. I don’t believe this is possible unless you have teammates who are instructed not to pick up gold tags but they are allowed to get kills. I don’t believe having teammates that fail to grab the gold tags they produce by killing enemies constitutes cheating. Therefore if you want to average 40+ confirms per game I recommend you get 3-5 players to join you in your lobby and instruct them to refrain from picking up tags whenever possible. If they have headsets then they could also communicate with you to inform you when there are gold tags available since you can only see the gold tags you produce on your radar but not the tags of your teammates.

So I think it is possible to get 40+ confirms per game but you would require some passive assistance from several if not all of your teammates. This behavior would be within the boundaries of fair play but probably be frowned upon by other participants. Remember this the next time you think about entering a Fire Marshal event. You could be competing against a 6 player lobby that is working as a team to get one player the majority of the confirms. This would not be cheating but certainly may persuade single players from trying to compete knowing the odds are slim to none that they will actually place anywhere near the top of the leader boards.

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