Battle Royale Leaderboard Clan War


Activision announced yet another gimick to get you excited about nothing. They posted a thread about Battle Royal or Royale if you want to pronounce it that way. Its basically the top 7 clans in the 4 clan size brackets qualify to earn points on the battle royale leaderboard. If you have not won every single diamond division clan war up until now then you can just forget trying to get into the battle royal. I dont know about you but I stopped trying to win diamond division clan wars when they annouced that only a top 3 finish was needed to collect the war cry swag. So we only played the first day of clan war to assure we finished at least 3rd or better. The rest of the weekend we went out and got our swerve on!

The Diamond Division Leaderboard was just another “carrot” to keep gamers tapping away on their controllers. You get nothing for ranking high on the Diamond Division leaderboard. You get nothing for being in the Battle Royal. Its all a gimmick. If clans got cash money or a free trip to Activision where they scan your head and create a game character for you to use in multiplayer games then just maybe I would trade my weekend nights for clan wars but you know that $h!t will never happen!

So don’t be chasing a carrot.

Go out and have fun.

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