Black Box, Black Ice & Negotiator Now Available on PS3 ELITE

PS3 Premium ELITE members now have access to the Black Box multi-player map and the two special ops downloads called Black Ice and Negotiator. We had a chance to play Black Box and it is probably one of the best maps on MW3. It has lots of open space mixed with structures that surround the parameter of the entire map. It also offers something for nearly every style of play whether you snipe, rush or even camp you will find parts of the map suitable for you. From a glitching standpoint there are lots of natural jumps and plenty of ways to get out of map if you know how to find and execute MOAB jumps.

In ELITE Clan news we registered for the Immovable Force clan event tonight which was highest total kills in hardcore team death match. Simply getting in the event earned us 250 Clan XP but to make sure we played a few games and got 100+ kills before switching to our regular game modes. This 250 Clan XP promoted our clan to level 5 and now we have a Clan Title and Clan Motto enables for our members. If you are in a clan then it pays to enter as many events as possible since they award points all the way to last place.

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