Black Ops 2 Prestige 2 Emblem

We want to prestige quickly and the Double XP weekend we are enjoying is paying off nicely. We also decided to play NukeTown exclusively because its a small map and you engage the enemies and objectives faster on smaller maps and therefore your score per minute can be double or triple what it is on larger maps. Its not uncommon to ring up 600-700 points per minute on NukeTown which is considerably more than 200-300 on larger maps. Therefore using the NukeTown map and Double XP we reached Prestige 2 in an incredibly short time of 7 hours and 22 minutes. Therefore if you have NukeTown access and Double XP and you want to Prestige Up faster then get to NukeTown and get busy! Here is what the Black Ops 2 Prestige 2 Emblem looks like.

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