Boosting/Cheating in Clan Ops Reaches Epidemic Proportions

If you have any hopes of winning any Clan Operation event then you better recruit some other cheaters/boosters and put together a good plan because all the top winning teams are getting away with cheating and boosting in clan events. A recent Call of Duty thread mentions nearly 800 captures with no deaths or kills in 3 hours of Domination play.

All clan ops are won by boosting as well as most of the lone wolf ops. The Boosting/Cheating review process can eliminate only the most blatant cheating but it can easily be fooled by a little planning. In Domination two clans run clockwise and capture bases as fast as they can run around the map without ever engaging the enemy. Some reports indicate clans filling the entire lobby with all 12 players therefore 700 captures per player is not uncommon.

In the most recent Domination Clan Event the $TFUCLAN clan bragged they got 5th place with 4470 captures. That is 700+ captures per player which is impossible to do without boosting. $TFUCLAN didn’t even win the event, the top four teams had higher scores.

In Team Death Match over 1,000 kills per player is possible if a clan has 6 players using 6 secondary accounts allowing the main clan to pulverize them with air support. It can be very difficult for Infinity Ward to definitively identify cheating of this sort since some deaths occur but lop-sided victories does not always signal boosting. Since clan ops do not award real world prizes or money you can be certain their reviews are more of a gesture of oversight than real effort to find and punish cheaters.

The bottom line is, you should play the Clan events with the intention of having fun and not actually with any hope of winning. With 3 to 4 good players you can easily get a GOLD in any event and collect your 1,000 Clan XP. Remember to play conservatively and not destroy your K/D because whether you get 150 caps by playing it safe or 200 caps by going suicidal the end result is still just a GOLD in Domination events.

If you do ever find yourself in a boosting lobby then you can report cheaters to the Infinity Ward Twitter account at @IWEnforcers or you can email them here Be prepared to supply in-game video evidence since they will not accept any other kind of complaints. This means that clans that fill the lobby with all 12 player spots also ensure there are no witnesses outside their clan who have evidence against their activities.

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