Boycott MW3 Blackout Day

I read an article online about how some players are gonna “blackout” the MW3 servers by not playing online on 4/20/2012. Yes that date is 420, as in pot smokers “wink wink”. So I personally advocate for you all to Boycott Blackout Day. The “bitch list” from the tweakers consists of the following:

  • Lag Compensation (I don’t always get lag so chances are they can’t make it lag free for everyone every second of every day)
  • Matchmaking options which include the ability to enable, disable local search and base search off the party leader when playing with friends (big freaking deal, NOT!).
  • Changes to the broken [sic] spawn system (agreed, I don’t like spawning with an ACR up my ***)
  • Full-featured theater mode including volume controls in options (ok maybe, let us turn the music off)
  • Tac insert removed from kill confirmed (poor baby, kill confirmed is stupid)
  • More hardcore game modes (hardcore game modes are for idiots who can’t aim)
  • Better Elite playlist options (whatever, ELITE blows)
  • Objective stats on in-game scoreboards (objective based games are for campers and everybody hates campers)
  • Akimbo machine pistol nerf (if you gotta use two guns then you suck, if you can’t kill a guy that sucks then don’t whine like a little girl)
  • Removal of any assault killstreaks from the support package (who really cares, my stuff gets shot down so quick anyways)
  • Removal of deathstreaks (this one has some merit,¬†only idiots reach their deathstreaks)
  • Fix LAN settings for competitive events (if you find yourself in a LAN event, then chances are, getting any of these demands on this list met will not improve your miserable life)

I have some sympathy for the players who made this list but the video, which I won’t link to or show you, is ridiculous and over the top. Its like some crazy marketing scheme to get everyone to act on pot head day. The world has real problems and MW3 perfection is not one of them. On 4/20 I plan to raise a can to the programmers behind MW3 and thank them for helping me waste 16+ days of my life and counting.

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