Call of Duty ELITE Friday Night Fights

The first week of Friday Night Fights featured the Air Force vs. Marines. The Air Force team was comprised of Air Traffic Controllers. The Marines featured a female team leader. The first match was Capture the Flag on the Piazza map and was won easily by the Marines who bageled (2-0) the Air Force team. The second and deciding game was Team Deathmatch on Piazza and the story was the same with the Marines dominating with a 7500 to 5900. The gameplay editing was not that great and the overall Friday Night Fight video was disappointing after such a long wait between season one and season two.

The second week featured two gamer clans called Ark Angel vs. Illusion. This match was unusual because 3 of the 8 contestants were female. Another interesting note in the video is when it is announced that team Illusion has a combined Kill to Death ratio (K/D) of 1.6. I was shocked to hear this since most of the players I play with have 2.0 or higher and I figured that Friday Night Fights would feature exceptional players and elite clans but 1.6 is barely above average since I consider 1.5 to be average.

The first match was Kill Confirmed on the Overwatch map. Team Ark Angel decides against the 2 by 2 strategy suggested by the coach and loses the first match 54 to 37. The coach of Team Ark Angel noticed that Illusion was susceptible to claymores and bouncing bettys so the team decided to run them and use the 2 by 2 strategy. The coach for Illusion noticed the claymore vulnerability and suggested his team run Stalker to eliminate the threat. The counter strategies worked in Team Illusion’s favor and they easily take game two 49 to 27 for a thorough thrashing of Team Ark Angel.

The second Friday Night Fight was fun to watch and the skill of the players was considerably average therefore I feel more gamers would appreciate the video. The gameplay editing was good and overall I feel the video is entertaining.

The new host for season two, Justine Ezarik, is not as engaging as Stacy Keibler and was nearly unrecognizable without her blonde hair and cleavage from her iJustine persona. Off to a slow start I can only hope the rest of season two improves otherwise I predict a future ELITE TV without Friday Night Fights.

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