Call of Duty LAG

If you have played Call of Duty Multiplayer then you know that LAG determines the amount of fun and competitiveness you have in the game. Treyarch has the worst and most punitive LAG algorithm in the business of first person shooters. The LAG algorithm solution designed to make slower connected players competitive basically castrates faster connected players. Because I have a fast connection I am lagged 90% of the time which means that no matter how skilled I am there are players that I simply can’t kill. Although I put them in my sight picture and empty entire clips into them they eventually turn and shoot me and in the replay I see I was aiming at air. Its become a systemic issue and the major focus of many of my videos. I use two strategies to combat lag. The simplest method is to leave the game. I often leave several games in a row before finding a lobby that will allow me to get kills. Sometimes before I leave a lobby I will use my second lag control method which is to use my router to slow my internet speed down to a crawl. By decreasing my connection strength it will sometimes alleviate LAG turning a bad lag lobby into a no lag lobby. This is how my experience goes every time I play Call of Duty. Its a constant struggle against LAG to find lobbies where I can play at real time.

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