Clan Challenges Available in BETA Now!

Clan Challenges are now available in Beta to all members of a clan including free and premium members. This means that each clan can earn 300 Clan XP for completing all clan challenge objectives.To complete the clan challenges members of your clan must earn accolades that are specified by each challenge. For instance if the clan challenge is “Engineer: Most Bombs Planted” then any member free or premium who earned the “Most Bomb Planted” accolade adds to you clan’s total of accolades earned during the 23 hour window the clan challenge is active. If you clan earns 3 of these specified accolades then your clan receives 100 clan XP. You also receive 100 clan XP for 5 accolades and another 100 clan XP for 10 accolades earned. This equals 300 clan XP received for completing each challenge. With 3 or more clan challenges per week being offered you clan has a great opportunity for some easy clan XP since every member of the clan receives accolades at the completion of every game they play.

With a little planning and effort these clan challenges should be easily attainable by any clan even if the clan has only one member. So sign up today for clan challenges and grab some of that easy clan XP!

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