Clan Operations Award Improvements???

A few days ago Call of Duty ELITE announced, “This past weekend, we made some improvements to our Clan Operations system. We are now badging Clan Operations based off of participating clans instead of those who are only enlisted (but not participating), in order to fairly reward those players who actively participate in operations.”

This change is delivered like its an improvement to the Clan Op awarding of badges and Clan XP, but in reality it will make it harder to get gold and silver badges as well as 500 and 1000 clan xp.

Previously in clan ops 20,000-30,000 clans joined any given op and to get a gold badge and 1,000 clan xp you needed to finish in the top 2,000-3,000 based on the total clans enlisted. But they are no longer using the enlisted number as the basis for a top 10% ranking. They are using the actual number of clans that had at least one premium member register one kill or objective. Typically 30-40% of enlisted clans never register a single kill or objective because their clan members fail to actively participate in the clan operation. That means the active participating clan count is closer to 12,000-18,000 per clan operation. Therefore to get a top 10% ranking your clan must rank in the top 1,200-1,800 clans.

For smaller clans this is a huge setback since they are typically playing for silver and rarely getting gold because they have only a few premium members. Instead of being rewarded for enlisting AND participating they are being further disadvantaged. By making this supposed “improvement” Call of Duty ELITE is in reality alienating the smaller clans from having any realĀ impetusĀ to investing 3 hours in playing any clan operation. If ELITE really wants to trim the fat from clan ops then at least extend the gold ranking to the top 15th percentile and the silver ranking to the top 35th percentile. Otherwise if exclusivity is the real motivation then keep the gold and silver the same but award the bronze only for a top 50th percentile ranking and stop giving a bronze to LAST PLACE. Personally I register for every clan op and log in to get at least one kill or objective to get that free 250 clan xp. Since it will be more difficult to attempt to earn a silver badge from now on with only one or two participating premium members, I will simply keep the 3 hours of my life and invest only 1 minute to get the obligatory 1 kill or objective.

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