Clan Operations Part 2

The small amount of text I am seeing on COD Elite does not say anything about a CLAN OF ONE! It says it will average the top six players that are premium members of any clan in a competition but it does not state that a clan must have a minimum of six players in order to compete. That would lead me to believe that they may not limit the competition to clans that have at least six players eligible to play. Therefore the best player in every clan should start their own CLAN OF ONE and enter the competition alone since their score will not be averaged down or lowered by other team members. This would give them the greatest chance and winning. It would also reduce the Clan Operations to Lone Wolf Operations.

Until I see literature coming from COD Elite I would consider this a viable plan and test it in the first clan operation that we play by recommending one of our top players start his own CLAN OF ONE and enter the competition. Since the clan operations are still not available we may find that we can’t enter a CLAN OF ONE. So I will let you know what we find out. I’m sure Activision is aware of this scenario and plans to limit participation to clans that have at least six eligible players or they will allow a CLAN OF ONE or a clan of less than six players to compete but still divide the clan’s total score by six which would basically eliminate them from having any chance of winning. This seems to be the most likely logical solution since it promotes the formation of large clans.

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