Clan Wars Favors the Fringe Players

If you are looking to win a Clan War then start by recruiting players that DO NOT play the CORE GAME MODES. Clan Wars leans heavily towards NON-TRADITIONAL game modes. Take a look at the current Clan War map game modes (See Below). You need 100 wins to capture a location in Team Deathmatch. You need 50 wins to capture the Domination location. However you only need 20 wins to capture the Blitz location and they are all worth the same amount of Clan Points. I would consider nearly every game mode in the current Clan War map to be Fringe Modes that are rarely played by the core audience of Call of Duty. You have 4 new game modes Blitz, Cranked, Hunted and Search & Rescue. You have 3 hardcore modes, Team Deathmatch, Kill Confirmed and Search & Rescue. Then you have two traditional modes Team Deathmatch and Domination. And finally Kill Confirmed which gets very little game play. Apparently Activision has deliberately given advantage to NON-CORE game modes since Team Deathmatch requires five times more wins to get the same points as Blitz. So if you plan on winning a Clan War then get ready to play lots of those excruciatingly painful game modes you hate to play.

Blitz (20 wins)
Cranked (30 wins)
Domination (50 wins)
Hunted (20 wins)
Kill Confirmed (30 wins)
Search & Rescue (30 wins)
Team Deathmatch (100 wins)
Hardcore Team Deathmatch (30 wins)
Hardcore Kill Confirmed (30 wins)
Hardcore Search & Rescue (30 wins)

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