Clan Wars Scoring Glitch

If you are like us then you have seen your first place ranking in Clan Wars fall to second because of a scoring glitch. We should be out in front by 20+ points but for some reason we while we were getting the final 4 wins to get 24 points in HCDOM our win total stopped increasing. We rebooted our PS3 and restarted the Call of Duty APP but nothing helped. We did notice that two other teams that were far behind us in the win totals kept increasing and one of them eventually stole our 24 pts. Here it is nearly 18 hours later and we located this forum thread about the issue.


What you are seeing is just a delay with the app processing information. This can sometimes occur, and it may appear as if nothing is counting, but in reality, its just a brief hiccup that is hindering the display. When all is said and done, once the Clan War has been concluded, the scores will then all tally up properly and display correct scores.

Hope this clears that up.

ATVI Support


I personally have little to no hope that our score will be updated to reflect our true first place ranking. This would mean not only would we get our points back but other teams would have their score reduced. Currently we are still in second place but it looks like our wins are counting again but the one location that the glitch stole from us has not been returned to us.


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