Clan Wars Strategy Guide Update

My micro clan strategy is once again proving very successful as we are well on our way to winning another platinum division clan war with just two people.

The current clan war has a significant difference in scoring than previous clan wars. In our clan war the opening capture point values ranged from 11 to 14. There did not appear to be any favoritism showed to hardcore modes which had more than double the point values in previous clan wars.

We captured 5 locations the first day and one thing I noticed is that once we capped a location its point value increased over time.

This change is clearly intended to motivate clans to take over locations that have been owned longest by the capturing clan.

This in theory would promote a higher turnover rate in locations and captures.

For instance, One location we captured initially was worth only 12 points but after we held the location for 2 days it was worth 26 points to the next capturing team.

Currently we occupy all ten locations and every location is worth at least 22 capture points with the highest being 27.

Another thing I notice is that winning a clan war has a little to do with the luck of the draw. I’ve been in clan wars that were highly competitive with 3 or more teams scoring over 200 or 300 hundrend points each.

But this week we got a luck clan war pool and of the 8 teams in our clan war only 4 teams besides us have registered any game wins and only 1 of those 4 teams has been able to capture a location.

So with just 1 day left in the clan war we have scored nearly 600 capture points and will surely finish at least twice as many points as the second place team.

After this win we will move to the diamond division which offers a new set of customizations such as the War Cry Reticle, Weapon Camo, Assassin Mask , Savage Head Gear, or War Cry Uniform.

The diamond division is way different than regular clan wars but I will save that info for another post.

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