Clan Wars Unfair?

If you have played in the first three clan wars then you know of the frustration of having to play game modes that suck. The architects of clan wars clearly wants to reward gamers who play masochistic game modes that make pure COD players toss down their controllers in fits of frustration. Unless of course you play Hardcore modes or non-traditional modes like Blitz.

The biggest example of this bias towards Hardcore was in the latest clan war.  Hardcore Search & Rescue was worth 25 capture points and required only 30 wins. Regular Team Deathmatch was worth 12 capture points but require a ridiculous 120 wins. Hardcore games modes are a camper’s delight and frustrate offensive minded players who are used to engaging the enemy instead of camping in corners.

In fact the two most traditional game modes of Team Deathmatch and Domination both required the highest win requirements to capture but the lowest capture point values.

Therefore if you are a traditional run and gun gamer then clan wars is going to be a huge disappointment and a painful frustrating experience.

In defense of Activision, many of the game modes like Search & Rescue, Search & Destroy as well as their Hardcore versions and then Blitz do reward clans that play with a solid team strategy. So I can see why the wanted to include them. But why make HCS&R worth 8 times the reward of TDM. Look at the math.

HCS&R – 25 capture points for 30 wins. Each win is worth 0.83 capture points.

TDM – 12 capture points for 120 wins. Each win is worth 0.10 capture points.

That means HCS&R is worth 8.3 times more per win than TDM. Lets look at Domination.

DOM – 12 capture points for 50 wins. Each win is worth 0.24 capture points.

A win in HCS&R is worth more than three times a win in Domination.

These blatant disparities between popular game modes and backwoods, sleazy, camper infested game modes make clan wars a dubious endeavor. I for one am not that hard up for a patch or Spiderman-like camos.

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