If you coughed up the $50 for a Call of Duty ELITE subscription you are probably regretting that decision by now. The list of issues with the service continues to grow nearly every day. The first indication of things to come was the network outages and downtime the first several weeks after “launch”. That was followed by a late rollout of the Clan functionality which to this date still has no Clan competitions available which sort of makes the whole idea of Clan making useless. Especially since no Clan can level up without begging an ELITE member with FOUNDER status to join their clan and thereby infuse their Clan XP with 500 Clan XP points. ELITE members are frustrated that Clan XP cannot really be earned by the Clan itself.

Most recently Infinity Ward has been pouring out marketing videos expounding the glory of becoming an ELITE member but the realities of being an ELITE member are somber at best and down right pissed off at worst. This marketing tsunami comes during a very dark period in ELITE history where a recent DLC offering created havoc because the maps could only be used by a single user account on a console. Infinity Ward is in a tizzy trying to patch this oversight. The $100,000 competition scheduled for today has ended but the players looking for leaderboard results have crashed the server network and after several hours the ELITE site is back up but the $100K Competition page is still unavailable. A recent post on the Twitter account for Call of Duty states “Thanks for enlisting in #100kDay. The ELITE website is under maintenance. We’ll update on winner verification which may take several days.”

So if you are interested in joining ELITE consider paying the fee only if you plan on buying at least 3 of the map packs for MW3 this year. That way you break even and you can consider the ELITE subscription a free perk for buying the maps. But on its own merit COD ELITE is still a big FAIL with its users.

Call of Duty ELITE... FAIL?

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