Congratulations to One_Second_Kill and Knock_Out_Stout

One_Second_Kill ranked up to Prestige 4 tonight while averaging 19.5 hours per prestige so far. Knock_Out_Stout joined the uLikeGames clan today and also ranked up to Prestige 3 this evening. Congratulations to both One_Second_Kill and Knock_Out_Stout for moving up in rank.

On another note I got tired of getting shot by noobs with the FMG9 machine pistol because it seemed over powered. I decided to run with the FMG9 and use it like an SMG and surprisingly it did not take long to earn akimbo with it. This rig is a beast at close range and fun to run with in maps with lots of buildings and tight corners. Since akimbo is not silenced it is not ideal for stealth hunting like I normally play but for brute force run and gun enjoyment its bound to bring a smile to you face.

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