Destiny Best Load out for Iron Banner In PvP

Hello fellow gamers who play pvp in destiny I am sure you are well aware of this current update and its affect on pvp. Ever since the beginning of the nerf of pulse rifles as well as the Nerf on shotguns that the go to weapons to use has been unable to present itself. In the past it was always a thorn with a felwinters or a red death and a sniper rifle and even yes the suros regime back in year 1. Now since I have black ops 3 and have been playing it the last few days the game mechanics are different from destiny and last night I was doing a lot poorer than I normally do. My kd being in the 1.5 and below as well as my win percentage being lower than average that this could have affected my play as well. Normally my kd is over 2.0 and my win percentage being 70 percent and higher.

Overall I feel stuck in this current Meta and feel as if all these guns are too balanced in a way when I get killed by one weapon I try to counteract that gun but get killed by someone else instead. So what I recommend would be to use A MIDA multi tool with a sidearm, A last word with a sniper rifle(hidden hand) is a recommendation and if you still like your shotgun then use that with your titan in combination with twilight garrison and shoulder charge.

Now with sub classes with a titan and his recent Nerf I would advise against sun breaker it still has its potential to kill multiple enemies and so I would only run him on long range maps. The best subclass for a titan would now be striker since all the buffs coming from the last update. Warlock I would recommend storm caller just be careful of striker titans and that is where I recommend void walker with blink at a nova bomb with the shatter perk for multi kill devastation. For hunters really I would advise what fits your play style, if aggressive then run blade dancer, if methodical run a golden gun with trip mines to kill any self res warlocks or a sun breaker titan or a pesky blade dancer in one shot from a golden gun, and of course the night stalker with double envenomed smoke and quiver to shut down super. To me it seems like the hunter is the best character within this current META in PvP.

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