Destiny Sparrow Racing League 320 Gear Loot Drops

Destiny Sparrow Racing League has given me what 40+ Kings Fall completions never did. 320 Helmets and Class armor. Frustrated with Destiny loot drops in the Kings Fall raid have left me with 319 class armor on all characters. No hard mode helmets above 312 light light have dropped. No 320 ghost shell. Missing a 320 chest or a 320 Gauntlets or 320 boots on each character. SO close but so far away from 320. Finally I learn 320 helmets and class armor drops once you reach SRL level 3. So I began my racing career in earnest. 179 wins later out of 419 races I have recieved six 320 helmets and one 320 warlock bond. There was also about 50 helmets above 315 light level. This allowed me to upgrade all my raid helmets to 320 and even a few exotics I use in Trials and Iron Banner. All my characters are not 319 with one a point or two on light level away from being 320. Now its back to Kings Fall and RNG for the one missing 320 piece of armor for each character and the all important 320 ghost shell.

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