Diamond Division Clan War Update – Cape Town

In this update there are two significant items to report and a few other goodies.

First big item is that you don’t have to win a Diamond Division Clan war to get the War cry rewards. You only have to finish 3rd or better.

This kinda dilutes the prestige or wearing earning those rewards in my opinion.

If Diamond Division is the best of the best then the rewards should go to the very best. Not the top 40% which is how it is set up now with the top 3 of 8 teams in a clan war getting decorated.

Keep in mind if you are in the Diamon Division you will still have to win a clan war to get the Body Count rewards. Placing 2nd or 3rd in the Diamond Division will get you the war cry swag but nothing in the body count gear.

Moving on…Double nodes.

I mentioned in the last diamond clan war there were two domination locations. One was worth twice the CP value than the other but it required twice the number of wins to capture. Any win in the double node game mode will result in the win counting towards both node win totals. So it possible to win the first node and continue playing until you capture the second node that requires more wins. But once you capture any win by any other team brings both your win totals down so its possible to lose one node while still holding the other.

As far as strategy goes in Diamond Clan wars its important to capture as many location as you can because whoever holds a position overnight gets a fat bonus in CP the next day. So choosing to cap a new location versus defending a held location is extremely important.

A couple other small points.

We did not get our war cry camo and reticle until today when we had an update from PSN. So if you play on the PSN network then you should get your war cry rewards after todays update.

The Diamond Divison Leaderboard still appears to not be operational. Not sure when they are going to launch that.

Hope to see you all in the Cape Town clan war this weekend.

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