Dustin Ellermann Top Shot Champion

Dustin Ellermann the summer camp director from a small town in Texas has won this season of Top Shot in incredible fashion. Going into the final four Dustin was the only recreational shooter and a self-taught marksman. He was also the youngest with a fun and free spirit that became his trademark and betrayed the gravity of the situation.

In the finale there were 7 shooting stations with pistols, rock throwing, rifles, archery, and a shotgun. Dustin smoked through every station including never missing a shot at several stations. In the end Dustin finished all 7 stations while the runner-up was still on station 3 struggling with the shotgun. We are really happy for Dustin and his family as they are expecting another baby soon and wish them the best.

This season on Top Shot was a tale of two worlds. The first part of the season focused on this idiot Jake who was basically the poorest quality of human being much less a competitor ever seen on Top Shot. Luckily he quit like all losers do and was replaced by a superior competitor who definitely deserved a second chance as he made it all the way to the final two. It made the show difficult to watch in the beginning but eventually the show finished strong and a quality person and competitor took home the $100,000 prize.


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