EliteTV – Friday Night Fights

If you happen to join Call of Duty Elite then you have access to Elite TV which until tonight I basically ignored and have never watched. But I decided to watch a video called Friday Night Fights – Rock vs Rap and I have to say it was entertaining. Since I hate rap music I was rooting for the Rock team until I found out it was composed of Joel Madden from Good Charlotte (rock… really?), Jack Osbourne (the fat kid from the Osbourne’s, older now, not so fat) and two others I did not recognize. Then my enthusiasm waned. The rap foursome was composed of rappers I never heard of… but that’s not surprising.

Anyways they played the best two out of three in Kill Confirmed and the editing of the gaming action footage was good and the entertainment value made it worth watching so I am gonna watch the next video called “Cali’s Angels vs. Girls Gone Ghost” which features two girl gamer teams with some “professional” female gamers on each team. This should be interesting. A COD  Cat Fight. I wish I could say they were cute but really what would you expect hardcore female gamers to look like? The video player keeps glitching so I mouse over the flash window and it says its powered by Brightcove Video Cloud. I guess they haven’t worked out the bugs in their video delivery because I moved ahead in the video but it kept glitching so I had to bail on watching. Oh well.

Bottom line is they get some D list celebs from the entertainment or sporting industries to front some teams and then pit them against each other in MW3 and the editing gurus try to make the footage look as compelling to watch as possible. The only real high point of the videos is watching Stacy Keibler host the show who makes any video she is in a little easier to watch.

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