Face Off and Oasis Reviewed

The new maps came out 3 hours ago and we have played them all. In the Face Off game style you can play Team Deathmatch and Kill Confirmed. The four maps in Face Off are Getaway, Erosion, Lookout and Aground.

Getaway is the smallest map which consisted of a mult-level house on the beach with lots of windows, a pool and some parameter pathways. The interior is so full of windows that you are visible from lots of angles from the exterior of the house. Lots of quick fire fights.

Erosion is a narrow map with 3 long sight lines that run parallel to each other. There are lots of lower level archways and some two story buildings including the central building that has a ladder going to a catwalk which allows you to see 360 degrees. It can be a daunting task to attack this position if your enemies have talent.

The Lookout map has hills, bunkers and buildings which can be a campers dream. High ground vantage points can make sniping an option.

Aground is the largest map which consists of very long sight lines spread across a derelict tanker which has run aground on some rock with rocky pathways on the parameter. This would be the idea map if you wanted to snipe.

The first thing you will learn when playing these maps is that kill streaks are harder to attain because the spawns of fallen enemies can be extremely close and result in a payback kill quickly. Neither everyone uses blind eye, assassin and dead silence. The close proximity of the maps and the numerous nooks and hiding spots make camping a real threat and without stealthy perks you will be at the mercy of the map.

The Oasis map is big, beautiful and has lots of corridors to engage enemies. There are also stairs and sniper roosts so Domination can be fun for both rushers, campers and snipers.

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