First Issue of Drop Zone

First Issue of Drop ZoneCOD ELITE will release a new Drop Zone issue alongside every DLC release, including strategies, interviews, trailers and more. They introduce the Piazza Teaser video that I have already posted in a previous post. They give some “Exclusive Intel” about spawn points, a graphic displaying the map layout, suggestions for Domination clan tactics and then the end of the issue asks viewers what their strategies will be. The viewers respond with lots of flaming rhetoric about the fact that xBox users get the DLC content a month before it becomes available to PS3 users. As a PS3 user I too agree that they launch xBox content before PS3 content. I think the best thing to do is for them to hold the launch of xBox content until the PS3 content is ready for release.

Overall this first issue was a disappointment. It really does not have much more than a few paragraphs, a couple of images and some strategy suggestions with a single video. But then again no one has ever said that COD ELITE has been living up to the hype. Indeed I would say that it has been half as good as what it was billed as, but not a complete failure. In the end I think I will come out ahead since I would have purchased the 3 map packs anyways at $15 a piece and therefore the cost of COD ELITE would be about $5 if you take into consideration what I would have paid. I think its work $5. But just barely.

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