Free Clan XP

If you are looking for Clan XP then look no further than the Clan Operations which handout free Clan XP to any clan that registers and gets at least one kill. I have been registering my clan for every single Clan Operation and I make sure to login and get a few kills or captures for each event. Slowly over the last few weeks I have been able to level up my clan from 4 to 7 and will be just a few point shy of level 8 by the end of this weekend.

So if you are advertising for founders or begging current clan members to participate in the Clan Ops then rest knowing that with minimal effort you can level up your clan all by yourself. As a current clan leader that struggles to get participation from my clan members I find solace watching my clan level up with no assistance at all.

Once I get to level 10 and I can use the gold clan tag as a selling point then perhaps it will not be so difficult to find quality players who are also willing to participate in the clan events that now appear to be regular and forthcoming.

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