Gamer Interview: DEATH_DEALER_212

Platform: PS3
MW3 Kill to Death Ratio (K/D): 2.36
Prestige: 6
Favorite MW3 Weapon: MK14 (16,000+ kills)
MW3 Time: 232 hours played
Clan: uLikeGames 

How does MW3 measure up to previous versions like Black Ops and MW2?

To be honest with you, the graphics on MW3 are much better than the previous games mentioned, and better variety of maps.

What is your favorite game mode and why?
Team Death match. Better strategizing.

What is your favorite class setup?
Favorite class setup is a mk-14 suppressor with red dot. Secondary= kimbo glocks. Lethal= Frag. Tactical= Concussion. Perks= Slight of hand, assassin and marksman. Strike package= predator missle, attack helicopter and reaper.

You recently purchased Call of Duty ELITE premium. The opinions vary tremendously from “waste of money” to “milk and honey”, what is your assessment of ELITE and what part of the ELITE premium do you enjoy and get the most return for your money?
Milk and honey for myself. The new maps are my favorite. They spent a lot of time making them challenging to glitch out of.

Select one choice: K/D (Kill to Death Ratio) or Winning the match?
K/D all the way. Unless I’m playing with my team.

Do you have any advice for gamers that want to improve their K/D without becoming a camper?
To keep a High K/D without camping is to slow down and stop rushing. If you run into a wall of lead (enemy’s) go around them. Try to stay on the perimeter of the map. Spend time learning the maps in a private match as well.

Some people think the trash talking during multiplayer matches is getting out of hand. How do you feel about it?
Most of the time it’s the people that suck doing all the talking. At the same time theres a difference between being cocky and confident when your good. So the answer is yes, it’s getting out of hand.

In addition to being a solid gamer you also like to “glitch” maps and spend a great deal of time finding ways out of the map. What appeals to you about glitching?
To go above and beyond the layout of the map. To be able to explore things that weren’t meant to be and go places that no one has been.

Do you have any advice for gamers who want to explore glitching?
Take your time, its super frustrating at first but once you get the hang of it the reward is great. Hell, send me an invite and I’ll help take you wherever you want to go.

What else about your gaming experiences would you like to share with our audience?
Just get a good group going. It will help you learn new things and become a better player and it will produce a higher K/D for yourself and more fun.

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