Ghosts Camo Fiasco

Recently we decided to pre-order Call of Duty Ghosts and receive the Ghosts Camo. We logged into Call of Duty ELITE and clicked the appropriate links and purchased a pre-order from Best Buy. When we did not receive a download code for the Ghosts Camo we went online and did some searching and found out you had to pre-order at GameStop to get the camo. So we cancelled our pre-order with Best Buy and made a new purchase at the GameStop website after creating a new account. We never received a download code so we contacted GameStop support and over the next 5 days got the run around before finally being told we had to go to our local GameStop store and purchase a $15 PowerUps rewards account which we did. Then we gave online support our membership number and they said they cannot help with our pre-order and that we would have to go back to the local store to ask about the download code. The local store said they were all out of codes and could not help. Therefore we cancelled our order online and will try and get a refund of the $15 because we never plan on purchasing anything though GameStop again.

Be advised that Call of Duty ELITE is still currently advertising the Ghosts Camo offer but apparently you cannot get the download code any more. There are no instructions on the Call of Duty ELITE website section that points you to where to pre-order Ghosts about where you must pre-order the game from in order to obtain the Ghosts Camo. The was also no mention of having to fork over $15 to buy a useless PowerUp reward membership. And even if you buy the membership, they won’t give you a code. So don’t make the mistake we did and wait until the next offer comes along because the Ghosts Camo offer is false advertising.

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