Ghosts Guard Dog Riley Over-Powered?

I love dogs, I am a dog lover, but I am not so fond of Riley in Call of Duty Ghosts. If Riley is used by an enemy I feel he is over-powered since I can shoot him for what seems like days and he still keep coming and kills me. He also seems to be able to jump from 20 feet away and kill me. I think a dog should be easily dispatched when you shoot him in the face with half a clip. I have seen a dog take out  players in rapid succession which I think is ridiculous because the dog kills like a ballistic knife, instant death upon contact. I think the dog should maul you a bit and bloody you a bit but you should have a chance to fight him off like in real life.

As for choosing Riley as a sidekick, I have tried but the dog makes way too much noise when he walks beside you. His foot falls make hearing the enemy very difficult and often leads to false information because I find myself often turning around to see Riley changing sides and giving away my position because even though I can run dead silent, Riley can not. I think Riley is an interesting addition to the game but for me personally I would much rather he not make an appearance in any future COD game.

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