Ghosts Reveal Reviewed

The maps in Call of Duty Ghosts have some environmental hazards that can be utilized to take out enemies in epic fashion.

The new soldier profile allows you to choose not only weapons, perks and killstreaks but also race, gender and other options with over 20,000 possible combinations.

The new weapon systems has a new class called marksman rifles which can be use as scoped sniper rifles or iron sight assault rifles.

There is new weapon technology called dual-render scope which allows you to have peripheral vision while zoomed into the scope.

There is a wide variety of perks to choose from with some perks worth two points and other worth only one point. You are allowed only 8 points total which gives you the option to utilize eight single point perks or four double point perks and every combination in between.

You can also use all eight points on your gun to create a super weapon with up to eight attachments.

One of the more fascinating killstreak added will be Riley, the companion attack dog that will growl when enemies are near and even attack and kill approaching enemies.

Deathstreaks are for losers and Ghosts will not offer any but assault, support and specialist options from MW3 will be available.

There will also be more ground based killstreaks with fewer aerial killstreaks, for instance the UAV which is typically a drone flying above, will be a ground based device that you will need to place on the map similar to portable radar.

A special Squad Mode allows you to earn squad points which can be used to add extra weapon attachments, unlock perks and even new weapons. You can play against AI or offline with friends.

Each time you prestige you get to keep everything you unlocked and there are 10 prestige with each prestige allowing you to create an additional soldier profile.

There is also new game modes like cranked which resembles TDM with a twist, you get faster reload, ADSĀ and movement but you are racing the clock to get your next kill or you explode.

There is also something called Search and Rescue which is just like Search and Destroy except your teammates can revive you by running over your tags, but if an enemy gets your tag then you are out of that round.

Now you can change the environment of the map by destroying objects and walls to create new pathways and sight lines.

There are also new movement features such as leaning, mantling and the knee slide. Leaning allows you to shoot without putting your whole body out there. Mantling allows you to keep your momentum while sprinting and the knee slide allows you to sprint then go to a quick movement to crouch or prone.

New audio technology which makes gunfire sound different in a room of metal rather than a room of carpets.

There is also battle chatter which will tell you and your teammates where an enemy is at on the map by referencing a map landmark such as a statue.

You are able to take your entire ELITE profile and stats with you from the XBox 360 to XBox One and the PS3 to PS4.

There is also a new playlist that allows you to jump play other clans.

There is a emblem editor in COD Ghosts.

As you can see, collaboration is the biggest area of improvement. Fewer aerial assaults, more collaborative game modes and the addition of squads and clan versus clan playlists make join a clan more important than ever to get the most out of your Call of Duty experience.

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