How to Earn the Weed Emblem in MW3

MW3 Weed emblem

The questions on how to get a MW3 Weed Emblem or how to earn a MW3 Weed Emblem on MW3 keep pouring in. Therefore I am compelled to explain it once again. To receive it you must “Kill an enemy by setting off a chain reaction of explosives.” All you have to do is kill an enemy with an explosive device by triggering that explosive device with an explosive devices.

  • For instance throw a grenade and blow up a claymore that kills an opponent.
  • Throwing C4 in a well populated area, waiting for someone to go near it, then shooting a nooooobtube near the C4, which in turn killed the person.
  • Set up C4 on the 4 cars beside the middle house on Resistance, and just simply wait until someone runs by.
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