How to Earn Clan XP in Ghosts by Yourself

The only way to earn clan XP in Call of Duty Ghosts is to have more than one clan member playing in the same lobby. This is not always possible when they are offline. Therefore, a trick I use the earn clan XP in Ghosts when no other clan member is online is to use a secondary account in split-screen mode. A new feature to Call of Duty is that you can log on with a secondary account in split-screen mode and have both players in the lobby at the same time. Just remember that your secondary player must be in your clan as well in order to earn the clan XP. ┬áTherefore I just have my secondary player spin in place when it spawns so he does not get kicked for inactivity. I don’t care about his K/D or score but it does allow my points and score to earn clan XP in Ghosts for our clan. Its not the best way to play but since I do well enough playing in CRANKED mode I still win lots of games with my second player as a “Dead Stick” in the game. Just a tip for you clan owners that want clan XP when it not possible to play with another clan member.

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