How to get the Ghost Camo in Black Ops 2?

The answer is simple. Go to Gamestop, pay $15 to become a PowerUp rewards card member, pre-order Call of Duty Ghosts and they will give you a code to redeem at (*** but you MUST be already logged into Call of Duty ELITE on the account you want the code applied to before entering your code ***). The advertising on the Call of Duty website is misleading since is mentions you get the ghost camo by pre-ordering and pointing you to online vendors that allow you to pre-order… but the reality is that you have to physically go into your local Gamestop store AND be a rewards member to get the camo code directly from the store clerks. There is no way to get it online. So heads up gamers… you can get the camo but not at easy or FREE as COD ELITE makes it seem.

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