How to Play Clan Wars in Ghosts

It took me a while to figure out what I am supposed to do in clan wars but here is what I have learned.

Areas on the map can be “captured” by earning “victory” points in various game modes.

Clan Commanders can select a Primary Target and the game mode associated with it using the Call of Duty App.

Every clan member who wins a game in ANY of the game modes found on the Clan Wars map earns the clan a “victory” point for that particular game mode.

Clan members can play together or alone and still earn “victory” points.

The required number of “victory” points varies by location (game mode) from 20-100.

Once the required number of points is reached by a clan then the clan receives Clan Points.

The clan that has the most Clan Points at the end of the Clan War wins the Clan War.

Clan Wars last two weeks however the first Clan War will last only a week so the developers can make changes before the regular Clan Wars season starts.

There are 4 divisions: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Clans in each division are grouped together in groups of 8 to form Clan Wars. Therefore to win a Clan War you only have to beat the other 7 clans in your group.

Clans do not play head to head but play against the general population to earn victories.

Once a location is “captured” you can keep playing the same game mode to receive  extra Multiplayer XP.

The extra Multiplayer XP varies by game mode from 20-40%.

Clans that capture a location can defend it by continuing to play that game mode because every time a “victory” point is awarded to any of the other 7 clans in your Clan War you will lose a point from your total.

Once your total reaches zero then the location becomes available for capture and you have to start over at zero.

Any clans who did not capture a particular location will have their “victory” points saved until the location opens up again. Then they can start from their previous total.

While a clan is holding a location all other clans will not receive “victory” points added to their total of that location until the capturing clan is reduced to zero.

Clan XP is not the same as Clan Points.

Clan XP is what you need to level up your clan.

Clan Points is what you need to win Clan Wars

Clans can earn “victory” points in games modes other than the Primary Target, but they do not get the extra Multiplayer XP bonus.

Once a location is captured by your clan your “victory” points will be reduced by “victory” points won by any other clan in that same game mode. This creates a 7  clans versus 1 clan scenario that ensures all clans have a chance at capturing.

It is not clear at this time whether capturing then releasing locations OR capturing then defending location is worth more Clan Points. During our first two location captures we were awarded 12 Clan Points each for a total of 24 Clan Points. Today we captured 3 more locations but only earned a total of 34 Clan Points which is two less than expected. Hopefully Activision will provide a better explanation of how Clan Points work so we can define the best strategy to use.

Currently we have only been awarded Clan Points for capturing locations and not by defending as we have possessed several locations since the beginning of the Clan Wars and received no points for doing so.


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