Interview with One_Second_Kill aka (Young but Lethal)

One_Second_Kill is a young gamer that has been playing the Call of Duty franchise since MW2 and continues to improve. His K/D is over 2.0 and his Score Per Minute is over 300, that puts his Gaming Efficiency over 600 which makes him a beast of a player. So we decided to sit down with him and find out what was on his mind redarding MW3 and the soon to be released Black Ops 2.

What is your current favorite map on MW3?
Terminal, because its a large open map and I like to snipe from the top of the structures. I also like to run and gun sometimes inside the terminal.

What is your favorite secondary weapon in MW3?
The Stinger, because I like helping out my team and when I shoot enemy air support down it also advances my own kills streaks. I have over 2,000 kills with a stinger.

What do you think about Call of Duty ELITE?
I like the stats and the clan ops and clan challenges. I like being a member of a clan. I also like watching Call of Duty ELITE TV, especially the NoobTube episodes.

What do you not like about MW3?
I don’t like noob tubing and the death streaks like dead man’s hand and final stand.

 Are you excited about Black Ops 2?
I am very excited about Black Ops 2 because from the preview videos I have seen online I can see there will be lots of exciting content and game play action and options like Zombies. I plan on purchasing the Collectors Edition which comes in a Care Package and contains a remote controlled Dragon Fire quad rotor vehicle.

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