Lag Scale

Today we defined a LAG SCALE for Call of Duty. During multi-player games each player is assessed lag compensation based upon the internet connection speed of each player relative to other players in the game. This Lag Compensation Algorithm is designed to slow down the faster connected players to allow the slower connected players to compete. Our scale is based upon a 12 person lobby and each number from 6 to -6 represents a different lag situation.

  • 0: You are not lagged at all and gameplay is stable and relatively equal. This result is very rare and happens because the lobby participants all have┬ásimilar connection speeds.
  • 1: You have only one enemy who has a faster connection than you so that player is lagged and you will win most of the gun battles with that player because you move in real-time while that player’s signal is delayed giving you a big advantage.
  • 2: You now have two enemies lagged against you therefore you are nearly impossible for them to kill.
  • 3: Half the enemy team is unable to compete with you.
  • 4: You can put up huge numbers since only two enemies have a 50/50 chance of killing you.
  • 5: Only one enemy is even playing the same game you are therefore you rip through the remainder of the enemy team with ease.
  • 6: Means you have GOD LAG because all SIX enemies have faster internet connections than you, therefore they are all lagged and you move around the map like a super hero laughing all the way.
  • -1: You have a faster connection than one enemy player therefore lag makes it nearly impossible to kill that player.
  • -2: Two players pwn you in every gun battle you get into with them.
  • -3: Half the enemy team is invincible.
  • -4: Four enemy players have their way with you all game long and you could be the host which is a bad thing.
  • -5: You are a masochist for even staying in the lobby since nearly everyone kills you in every gun battle because most likely you are the host.
  • -6: You officially have the best connection in the lobby and all enemies destroy you at will and you are the host as well which makes it even worse. This is called DEVIL’s LAG and it happens all the time because you can afford good internet service.

So that’s the lag scale. Depending on your internet connection speed you will always be within two numbers on this scale… therefore some of you think the game is awesome because your poor connection allows you to appear better than you are… while others struggle just to stay alive since everything they see in the game is two seconds old.

Be advised that your lag number can change in a game during host changes. For instance I can join a game in progress with my fast connection and I will not be lagged against any enemy and be able to run off double digit kills without a problem. Then the lobby will switch the hosting to me. I will no longer be able to kill anyone after that. I use a router to slow my connection down if I get negative lag and sometimes it will clear up any lag, sometimes no matter what I do the lag is bad. Turning the router on to fix lag while I am the host of the game will always kick me from the lobby. Therefore its a very useful tool to be able to detect and automatically leave lobbies where I will have no chance to play the game in real-time.

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