MW3 $100K Event is Complete and the Winner is…

I just completed Most Kills in TDM $100K tournament and I have to say it was frustrating at times. Based on previous tournaments I know the winning kill counts will be between 700-800. This is based on an estimate that a really good player with very favorable conditions can average 30-35 kills per game during the 3 hours of competition. That would mean about 25-27 games played averaging around 6.5 minutes per game including the intermission time.

I averaged about 22 kills per game in the 25 games that were in the time window with a 3.7 K/D. This resulted in 555 kills that may have fallen within the time limit. Therefore I am certain I did not win anything but I am still curious to see if I placed in the top 10% which would earn me a gold badge.

The Leaderboard was locked during the competition and even 1 hour after the competition has ended the Leaderboard is still locked. So I guess I will have to wait and find out who won. I will update this posting when the information becomes available.

Some of the variables that can make or break you in the competition are:

  • How weak are the players in the lobbies you find.
  • If you have a weak lobby… do the noobs run around or do they camp and reduce your kills per minute because although they are easy to kill they take too much time to find.
  • Do you have other good players on your team raking in a lot of the kills leaving you less to shoot at.

As you can see, it takes some favorable lobby conditions to really help you achieve sustained big numbers in TDM over a 3 hour period. So there is considerable luck involved at the top part of the leaderboard that can either help you win a prize or simply receive a  stupid gold badge.

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