MW3 COD Elite Clan Operations

I just read on the COD Elite website about the coming clan operations: “To keep clan operations fair, your clan’s score in clan operations will be a total (or average) of the top six highest scoring members of your clan. This way clans small, large, and in between will all be on an even playing field as far as scoring is concerned.”

They also state that they “only score the premium members of your clan.” So all the free members in your clan will not be eligible for clan competition prizes.

I was seriously wondering how they were going to score these clan operations.

The Lone Wolf Operations have contests to see who can get the most kills in TDM. If a clan of 100 members and a clan of 10 members play then you can’t count the total kills of every clan member because the 100 member clan would dominate the smaller clan. You also can’t take the average of the clan members for each clan because the lower skilled half of the larger clan would cancel out the top scores of the top players of the clan so taking the average would favor the smaller clans.

Therefore they came up with an interesting solution that does somewhat find a middle ground between favoring large clans or small clans and also promotes less exclusionary clan membership requirements.

They only take the top 6 scores of each clan and then they find the average of those six.  “If your clan wins a champion badge, the players that finished in the top six of your clan for that operation will receive real prizes.” This in essence does not favor the large clans or the small clans. It does however still present a small problem. The clan members at the lower end of the skill spectrum will probably never have their scores counted. It also means that some top skilled players will never have their scores counted either unless they happen to be in the very top 6 of their clan.

Overall I think this is an interesting solution to the dilemma of how to score competitions of differing clan sizes. This particular solutions means that clans no longer have to limit inclusion by adding only new members who have a K/D above 2.0 or a score per minute above 300. This should make clans less exclusive and promote an open door into clan membership, because very large clans with weaker players will never decrease a clan’s chances of winning! So clans that have these stupid requirements are just being “stuck up” pigs because they could allow anyone and not affect their chances of winning.

But you can bet there will still be plenty of idiot clan leaders out there who because of vanity and foolish pride will still limit inclusion into their clan because they want to protect their clan K/D because it is visible to everyone and it is an average of the current members. So if you get snubbed by these a**holes then feel free to join our clan.

That’s because we have allowed anyone into our uLikeGames clan since the beginning. So send us a request by using our web form, our PSN ID uLikeGames_com or via the COD Elite comment board of our clan page!

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