MW3 Lag Compensation WTF!

I have experienced various degrees of “lag” in multiplayer games in MW3 since the very first day of playing but I never completely understood why it was so random and the severity seemed to change from game to game. I could go 25-2 in one game and the next I go 12-9 and I struggle to kill what I am seeing. This video answered all of my questions and really demonstrates that LAG COMPENSATION is very real and very frustrating. The video also helps me cope with the frustration because a great deal of my deaths can be attributed to this lag. I know how to spot lag and I can slow down rushing in those games and play more conservatively. I can also engage moving targets by leading my gunfire in front of them instead of at them. This can be a little freaky at first but it does work. Unfortunately it is no help when you run into an enemy and he sees you first and puts you down before you have any idea he is there. So for those of you who hate having your connection throttled down this video should ease the pain a little bit. Its not your fault. If you have a good connection then you will always be at a disadvantage.

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