MW3 Ranking Players by the Numbers

When it comes to ranking players in MW3 I have several criteria which should be factored into a formula to calculate ranking. The first value to consider would be the dubious Kill to Death Ratio otherwise known as K/D. I logged over 500 hours in MW3 and 1,000+ hours in Black Ops so I consider myself an expert when it comes to evaluating statistics from game play. The K/D is the most overrated stat because I have seen plenty of players with higher than average K/D but lower than average productivity. Productivity can be defined and indicated by their Score Per Minute (SPM).

For the sake of this article I will define this chart for Kill to Death Ratios.

  • 0.00 – 0.30 K/D – Terrible Player
  • 0.31 – 0.90 K/D – Bad Player
  • 0.91 – 1.20 K/D – Average Player
  • 1.21 – 1.50 K/D – Better than Average Player
  • 1.51 – 1.99 K/D – Good Player
  • 2.00 – 2.50 K/D – Really Good Player
  • 2.51 – 2.99 K/D – Awesome Player
  • 3.00+  K/D – Unbelievable Player

There are lots of players that play exclusively for K/D and have less skill than their K/D would indicate. That’s because they sacrifice aggressiveness and productivity to ensure they take the least risks and therefore consider their K/D above all things including the game objectives which lowers their SPM.

Here is my Score Per Minute (SPM) chart:

  • 0 – 100 SPM – Terrible
  • 101 – 180 SPM – Below Average
  • 181 – 220 SPM – Average
  • 221 – 270 SPM – Better than Average
  • 271 – 320 SPM – Very Good
  • 321 – 369 SPM  - Extremely Good
  • 370+ SPM – Freaking Awesome!

Now we have two stats that we can combine to get a new figure. K/D mutiplied by SPM equals Gaming Efficiency (GE). For instance we take a player called ALPHA that has a 1.70 K/D but has a 250 SPM. His GE would be 425. Another player called BETA has a 2.20 K/D but only a 150 SPM which gives him a GE of 330. This means the player with the lower K/D is actually a better gamer who takes risks and achieves objectives.

Lets look at these numbers as if they applied to Team Death Match. The average TDM games last about 8 minutes. ALPHA scores 250 points per minute which translates to 2.5 kills per minute or 20 kills per game. That is a pretty good player because the average player should average 15 kills per game. If we look at the productivity of the BETA player then 150 points per minute yields 1.5 kills per minute or 12 kills per game. This is below average productivity and BETA would need help from his teammates to win the game.

Therefore I would take a productive player over a high K/D only player any day of the week. There is also one more number I want to throw in the formula. I would award any player who has Prestiged with extra points for taking the time to Prestige. For instance two players have the same K/D and SPM but one has never prestiged and the other has prestiged 10 times. That means they have had to start over in weapons and perks 10 times and yet they still have the same GE. Therefore for each prestige I award a 1% bonus for each time they prestiged. So the player who prestiged 10 times would have a 10% higher GE then the non-prestiging player.

Try this formula out for yourselves and see if you agree with my numbers.

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