Not Hardcore Gamers, or Even Gamers???

I read an article which had a few quotes from Mark Rubin who is the Executive Producer at Infinity Ward. In a statement about Call of  Duty players he says, “They aren’t hardcore gamers, or even gamers, but they play Call of Duty every night.” Not that I feel the need to be considered a hardcore gamer, but a gamer I am. To say that you can play a game EVERY NIGHT and still not be considered a GAMER is redonkulous!!! That statement defies logic. If you play golf every day then you ARE golfer. If you bowl every day then you ARE a bowler. If you play COD every day then you ARE a GAMER! I think Mark Rubin should check it before he wrecks it. Its gamers like the one he is trying to describe that support the franchise and drive COD. We may only buy one game per year but I am certain he wants us to buy Call of Duty and the map packs and the camos and the branded Monster drinks and the prestige edition with the flimsy quad copter that breaks after a week! Perhaps I will consider a new game title this Christmas. If you want to tweet Mark Rubin then tweet him  @IWMarkRubin,24772.html

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