Official Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Video

In the Black Ops 2 video there are several weapon systems showcased.

  1. First we see a throwing knife that also has the ability to stun enemies and perhaps even disable electronics.
  2. Then an optic attached to the rifle has the ability to see through walls at approaching enemies.
  3. Then we see a microwave device which when deployed heats up and stuns enemies. This weapon is based on a real life non-lethal crowd control device that heats up water molecules in the skin of humans causing the sensation of burning but causes no permanent injury.
  4. The Dragonfire is next which carries a machine gun on its quad rotor body and can be remote controlled.
  5. Then we see the new and improved riot shield which can be turned into a barricade complete with a port hole for shooting enemies from a protected position.
  6. Next there is a care package which drops a nasty assault drone that wreaks havoc on enemies.
  7. Then a series showing a pistol, melee knife, tomahawk, one shot and C4 kills.
  8. For the finale you see a drone plane going kamikaze on a fleeing enemy.
Watch the video now!
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