Xur Selling Gjallarhorn

I knew that when I heard they were gonna nerf the Gjallahorn so its more in line with other rocket launchers that they would sell it again. The entire year Bungie lied about the random nature of what Xur was selling. The Gjallahorn appeared week two then disappeared forever. Millions of hours Guardians grinded away seeking that golden carrot. The joy I felt when after 5 months  I finally got the Gjallahorn, only to feel the sting of irony when it  dropped 2 more time in the same week. I was shocked when they announced they were gonna nerf it but I am not shocked they are finally selling it again. The only way to eliminate a gun is to nerf it and let every one have it. Parity achieved.

RIP Gjallahorn.

xur selling gjallahorn

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Join the uLikeGames Destiny Clan

Now accepting members!

After a six month sabbatical uLikeGames has created a Destiny Clan and is seeking new members. We play every day and are great all-around PvE and PvP players. Trials, Iron Banner, Crucible, Prison of Elders, Nightfalls and Weeklies… we do them all. We Twitch, Tweet, Youtube and more. Join us at https://www.bungie.net/en/Clan/Detail/383972

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Destiny Best PvP Weapon the Messenger Adept

This gun has turned my PvP game around. A career 0.7 K/D player I now average 2.8 K/D while carrying the Messenger Adept. My Iron Banner scores, K/D and productivity are greatly increased.

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Hard mode Oracle Checkpoint

To celebrate getting all 3 of my characters to lvl 30 (Titan, Hunter & Warlock) I will be giving away the Hardmode Oracles checkpoint the rest of the week. I made sure to save it to two of my accounts and will be glad to help any other guadians level up. So get the FREE checkpoint and good luck on the skill or cheese you use to obtain awesome gear and loot drops.

I am on PS4 and you can message me PSN: uLikeGames_com

Please FRIEND REQUEST me with ORACLES in the message box.

That way I won’t deny your friend request.

I assume there will be a big response so don’t be concerned if I unfriend after giving you the checkpoint to make room for more guardians.

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Atheon Forum Chat Post

Son, we live in a world that has video games. And those games have to be played by men with controllers. Who’s gonna do it? You? You, TROLL? I have a greater responsibility than you can possibly fathom. You weep for Bungie and you curse the gamers. You have that luxury. You have the luxury of not knowing what I know: that Atheons’s patch, while tragic, probably hurt the game. And my existence, while grotesque and incomprehensible to you, plays the game. You don’t want the truth because deep down in places you don’t talk about at parties you want me on the game. You need me on that game. We use words like grinding, raiding, hardmode. We use these words as the backbone of a life spent leveling up. You use them as a punch line. I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to a man who trolls and insults under the blanket of the very anonimity that the internet provides, and then questions the manner in which I post! I would rather you just said nothing and went on your way. Otherwise, I suggest you pick up a controller and begin a raid. Either way, I don’t give a damn what you think!

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Twitch Viewer T-Shirt Giveaway

We reached 100+ viewers and here is the list of viewers to be eligible to receive a t-shirt. The first viewer listed below to send us a message on Twitch can select from our available shirt color and sizes.

RaidersHD, Castawaywolf777, Ihateublackpplto, Andrewfelldown, Im_logiic, Blackskulls1991, Lightninbolt123, Flightman56, Piggily, Pittsburgh_lols, Sties, Gunz_and_crayons, Ebkidz12, Elite_shotzz, Chisnibi_aim, Crusty_Sea_Men_Sock, Monster_rangler8, Damian_perez749, ImmLane, Cooler1415, Nodrugzjustmeth, Juicexxamigosxx, They_callme_bt, Appzy, Beast737482, Puremooch94, Ludvig2014, Itz_junior__, Ulikegamess, Jeremyxkenshin, Baszuo, Takye_Montanaa11, jbettis36, Keiandreballoon, lllJaguarrlll, Mr_Compliments, Chevo06, Xteam23, Greenwallmaster, Thb306exp, Xkaibilsargentx, Lamastuckinatree, Kiesniper, GoldenGamers123, YaboyGlaunt, Guner8, Eliteshotzzz, Super_sgt_shooter_person, Nepoc_98, Welchinggg, Angelvoidz_17, Leo_jones27, Mathew3003, Darkwishes, Puss_boss_101, Skullsplitter7, Jakethomas2, RUNJON_, Wtybxassasin, To_suave, Purpjay10, monkeyboy25, Diek1ll, Istayawayfromblackppl, ImGunk, swaggy24345, Lightfeather68, LukeThornton, kylepriortier, Jakewinters, Recall_empire, Flightmerkzz, Pooplover12345678910, Freddy_007, Dday311, Slobonmynobplz, Toonlinks, Iilmp1ii, Master_clutch, Takye_montanaa119, Alexzander0101, Thotmas, Pumaz55, coryadams117, RAINBOWDASH132, Ev0223sniper, johnk1313, LonestarThunder, Thiskid4reason, FuuberTheGreat, Amusingnose4447, DeadlySD, Bob12368, Blackbossz, Djpmcg, Timrutledge3, Itz_viiral, Guildensturn, Productpusha2000, blainerossiter123, Volleyball1234, Tylerfintor, SwiftyK1dd, Tylerkrocks123, Ookillem559, Bentley1995, Unicornmeat_.

Green T-Shirt Adult XL
White T-Shirt Adult XL (2 in stock)
White T-Shirt Adult XXL
Pink T-Shirt Adult Medium

Must be able to receive through standard US mail.

This list will be posted until an eligible viewer claims the swag.

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No Lag TDM Carnage

Yesterday I played about 10 games in a row where I had no lag. I have lag about 80% of the time against some or all the enemy players in the lobbies and games I play. So it was really a treat to play with no lag for a change and my numbers were astounding. In 9 games in a row I averaged a K/D of 14.51. My highest kills during that streak was 40 and my lowest 18 in TDM. Watch the Carnage now!

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Lag Control Flip the Lag

Here is a perfect example of how you can FLIP THE LAG. I went 0 for 2 with bad lag and turned on my router. We were losing 4-21 and I went 24-8 and we won 100-89. So with lag we were losing 4-21 but adjusting my router speed our team finished 96-69 for the win. Lad determines the winner of every gun battle no mater how good you are.

Because of lag:

I turn my upload speed to 150 Kbps

Before Router Adjustment
20.4 Mbps Download Speed
5.82 Mbps Upload Speed

After Turning on QoS
8.53 Mbps Download Speed
0.15 Mbps Upload Speed

97.6% Reduction of Upload Speed

Slower Connection = Lower Lag!

My router can adjust my internet speed during games without rebooting it.

I can fight lag with QoS 80% of the time!

my router is a:

N600 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router
Premium Edition

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Tuesday morning my PSN account was temporarily stolen because someone called PSN support and successfully convinced them to let them have control of my account. This video documents the futility of hoping PSN will help you understand how their verification process is flawed.

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RENT THIS CLAN – Diamond Division Red Clan Tag

I am renting my clan to one lucky gamer. Take over the clan for two weeks. Change the name, the clan tag, the motto, the roster, edit the back ground. Operate the clan through a clan war, your choice of Diamond Division or Platinum Division. Its maxed out with red clan tag and pre-qualified for diam division clan wars. Are you ready to make an offer? Then send your offer to the email address shown in the video.

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