Playstation Network Down Again

PSN is offline again and gamers like me are left out in the cold as all my games rely on a PSN login to play. You would think that PSN would have solved these issues from all the outages they have encountered over the last 10 years. Thank goodness Netflix is still available. Guess I will be watching some shows and doing laundry until PSN comes back online. Destiny will have to wait. Today is the last day of Iron Banner and I reached rank 5 on friday and have been playing to get a 320 ghost shell. Since King’s Fall won’t drop me a 320 shell I have resorted to grinding control matches in Iron Banner to get a 320 ghost shell. SO far I have only received shells with 310, 311, and 314 light level. But I did get the Iron Banner Hebridenn Thoughtcrime ship.

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