Pre-Order Black Ops 2

Pre-Ordering Black Ops II sounds like a great idea but if you are wanting the Hardened or Prestige Edition then you may need some more information. Currently no Hardened or Prestige Edition has been announced but chances are good it will be coming. Pre-Order perks include prestige tokens and Black Ops 2 dog tags so the marketing blitz is in full swing and some gamers are wondering when they should place their pre-order.

Pre-Order Black Ops 2 (Quadrotor screenshot)

A recent glance at Call of Duty forums helped shed the light on pre-ordering now and upgrading to the Hardened Edition later. One post stated, “I pre-ordered a copy of Black Ops 2 at GameStop yesterday and they said I can upgrade to any edition when they are available by just paying the difference in price.” Another poster wrote, “If you put a $25 down payment on your pre-order, it was keep you safe if there is a hardened edition. I just asked a gamestop employee and he said twenty five down is the minimum in case there is a hardened edition.”

So if you are curious about your options then be sure to ask questions from the source where you purchase you pre-order of Black Ops II.

Pre-Order Black Ops II (Claw screenshot)

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