MW3 Prestige 11

Prestige 11I installed update 1.10 today and discovered it contained the 5 new prestiges that I mentioned were coming. I am not a fan of the added new prestiges but I went ahead and prestiged to 11 today and realized it was devoid of any true benefit. You don’t ┬áreceive a new title or a new emblem. You do get this generic symbol with a goldish skull and wings but it only appears next to your name in the lobby listing. And it will only change the Roman numeral to II, III, IV and finally V when you prestige to twelve through fifteen. So Activision did the least amount of effort to throw together another 5 prestiges containing 400 levels. My suggestion is to not waste your time. Word is… they have another five prestiges planned and if you have not reached prestige 10 by now you will never reach prestige 20 before Black Ops II comes out in┬áNovember.

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