Prestige 15

Today I reached Prestige 15 in MW3 during the Double XP weekend. I can’t say I really care that much about reaching new prestiges since they moved the finish line back to 15 and someday 20 prestiges. I only hope they don’t wait too long before dropping the last 5 prestiges on us because I will have more XP wasted since I have already maxed out at 15 now.

On another side note we had only two players in today’s clan event, myself and one_second_kill and yet we managed to get into the silver tier at the 2 hour mark of the competition. Unfortunately we had already stopped playing in the event before the Call of Duty ELITE clan page updated and showed us in the top 25% tier and by the time we noticed we had dropped into the bronze tier with no chance to recover our silver tier ranking.

Currently we are still looking for ANY premium members to join our clan that are willing to participate in clan events. I don’t care if your K/D sucks… if you are willing to play in the events then you are better than the higher K/D players on our clan that never help or flake out every time. So drop us a message on our clan page and you WILL be accepted!

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