Prestige 2 Achieved

MW3 prestige 2 emblemUtlizing the Double XP minutes I was able to prestige to level 2 last night in 21h 35m which shaved a substantial 3.5 hours off the time it took me to reach prestige 1. I currently have 15 hours of Double XP time left and will make good use of them. Playing in TDM with one_second_kill I accumulated 40 wins last night including a 25 game win streak which was only ended because the stupid network kicked us out of a soft lobby that we were dominating in and when we tried to join another lobby it through us into a game where our team was losing by 2,000 points at a score of 2,800 to 4,800 and despite a valiant effort by one_second_kill and I we managed to close the gap to 200 points at one point but ended up losing anyways by a score of 7,500 to 6,800. If given just 60 more seconds of game time I am certain we could have pulled out the win but I went 12-2 and one_second_kill was 13-5.

Another milestone was met last night as one_second_kill prestiged to prestige 1 at a blazing time of 20h 19m which is very impressive. one_second_kill had the benefit of only 4 hours of Double XP time during his first prestige so look for his speed to improve on the next prestige as he will be using alot more Double XP minutes.

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