Prestige 3 Achieved

MW3 prestige 3 emblemToday I reached Prestige 3 in 18h 53m and maintain my top 3K in TDM. I only played 6 games yesterday so I fell a little behind but I did get some good games in today and even set a new win streak of 29 games in a row which beat the previous streak of 25 games. I received another prestige token and used this one on the Dead Silent perk which with my Assassin perk allows me to get stealthy as soon as I reach level 4 and can create a class. On a sad note I received a prestige token when I reached Prestige 2 but I did not spend it immediately and it disappeared and I never got to use it.

One_second_kill reached Prestige 2 in 16h 30m which was his fastest time so far for a single prestige. We both no longer have any remaining Double XP bonus time available because we have maxed out our limit of 24 hours per gamer ID. Therefore we will be watching the challenges closely to maximize our XP earnings but I do anticipate the prestige times to slow quite a bit. I also noticed that since I am 3rd prestige and one_second_kill is 2nd prestige that we get put into very strong lobbies and it has become more difficult to meet our kill averages per game and therefore our scoring and XP earnings will be lower each game as well. This will ultimately result in much slower prestige times.

MW3 Weed emblemOn a side note I got the “Weed Emblem” today and when I combined it with the “Joint Ops” title I got plenty of good vibes from the pot heads in the game. I got asked numerous times how I earned the Weed emblem so here is the answer. To receive it you must “Kill an enemy by setting off a chain reaction of explosives.” In my case an enemy put down a claymore mine and then stood in front of his own explosive device. I tossed a semtex grenade and it stuck on the ground about 5 feet behind the claymore. When the semtex exploded the claymore blew up and killed the enemy with his own claymore. This gave me the emblem. So there you have it pot heads. I imagine if you really have to get this emblem it would be fairly simple to “boost” for it.


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